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Pet Sitting


Pet Sitting


Benefits of Pet Sitting


For your pet:

  • Staying at home in his/her safe, secure environment
  • Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds
  • Following his/her regular diet and exercise routine
  • Having play time with favorite toys
  • Receiving love and personal attention
  • Maintaining medical treatment, when required
  • Having someone responsible in case of an emergency
  • Eliminating the trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment
  • Ensuring good health ( no exposure to other animals' illness or parasites )


For you:

  • Knowing that your pet is in caring, loving hands
  • Having the confidence that the pet sitter can deal with other issues - such as grooming, vet visits
  • Eliminating the trauma of having to transport and leave your pet
  • Not having to impose on family, friends or neighbors
  • Feeling your home is more secure ( with someone going in and out and checking it several times a day )
  • Discreet, personalized service


Why Pet Sitting?


Pets are happiest when they are home, surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds. For many years, pet owners had few options when they were away from home for an extended period. One choice was boarding your pet at a kennel or veterinarian. Another was relying on family, friends or neighbors for help. But these solutions were often not the best choice for your pet, your home or yourself.


Professional pet sitting offers an excellent alternative. Pet sitters come to your house to care for all your pets and your home.


Reliable, professional pet sitting offers pet owners relief from the anxiety that often results from leaving a pet behind or placing your pet in a strange environment. Owners do not need to transport unhappy pets away from their homes and then worry that they might be exposed to other animals' illnesses. Your pets stay safe and comfortable at home. They maintain their regular routines and follow their regular schedule. Your pet will be pampered by a caring and dependable professional using the feeding, play, games, walks, grooming and care instructions that you specify. Professional pet sitting allows owners to confidently leave their pets at home, knowing that they will receive the love and care they so rightly deserve.


Pet Sitting Services Available

  • In-Your-Home Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walking – Dog Running
  • Fresh Water and Feeding
  • Play Time and Affection
  • Yard Waste Pick-Up
  • Supplies Pick-Up
  • Home Security Checks and Measures
  • Lights, TV, Radio, Drapes Rotated
  • Mail and Newspapers Brought In
  • Plant Watering
  • Wild Bird Feeders Filled
  • Trash Put Out for Pick-Up
  • Burglar Alarm Response as Key Holder
  • Lock-Out Response to Unlock Door
  • Other Personalized Tasks



Pet Care Rates


Includes Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services. No extra charge for multiple pets.


Please schedule adequate time for us to provide the services you are requesting. If your pet or home care requires more time than scheduled, it will be added as needed and billed to you. We do not charge separate fees for bringing in mail, yard pick-up, watering plants and other routine tasks. The rate is determined by the amount of time needed for us to perform all of the services you request. Travel charges may apply based on your location.


Initial Consultation - $20.00   FREE

  • 30 - 60 minutes - At this visit we can complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets and home. This meeting is required for new clients and will be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service, if possible.


Regular Visit - $16.00

  • minimum 30 minutes - Good for many pet homes for feedings, short walks and play. Most dogs will require 2 - 4 Regular visits per day. Cats may be okay with 1 visit per day.


Extended Visit - $19.00

  • minimum 45 minutes - Best for longer walks, multiple pet homes, and pets with special diets or special needs.


Hourly Care - $22.00 1st hour     $20.00 each additional hour in the same day

  • minimum 60 minutes - Choose 1 hour increments of care.


Overnight - $60.00

  • minimum 8 hours - Normally from 11 PM to 7 AM, includes walks and potty breaks during those hours.


Home Care - $12.00

  • minimum 5 minutes - Quick drop in to transfer keys ( pick up or drop off ), check iron/stove, turn off sprinkler, close windows, lock-out service, etc. Home care only during this visit.


For a full list of fees and details, see our Rates page.



New Pet Sitting Clients


New clients requesting service should follow these steps:



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