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Equine Sports Massage Therapy Enhances the Performance and Life of Horses



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Equine Sports Massage Therapy


Equine Sports Massage Therapy


Approximately 60 - 90 minutes.

All massage services consist of a full body massage performed at your location.


Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Enhances muscle tone
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling in joints, thereby alleviating pain
  • Increases the flow of nutrients to the muscles
  • Stimulates circulation and releases endorphins
  • Helps to maintain the whole body in better physical condition
  • Eases muscle spasms
  • Increases synovial fluid in joints
  • Lengthens connective tissue
  • Generally improves the disposition of the animal


Why Massage?


The moving parts of the equine body were designed to move freely and without pain. All too often the loss of this free motion is the result of muscle tightening which has developed from repeated strains and exertions. The other contributing factors of age, nervousness, overuse and residual effects of injury further compound the issue.


60% of your horse’s body weight is muscle. The muscle system is the system responsible for motion. A problem in the muscle system will therefore restrict motion. Maximum function and comfort in the muscle system will result in the greatest motion possible. The increase in circulation that is achieved with massage is invaluable to the motion of the horse.


We all want the maximum effort from our horse. If a muscle is not functioning to it’s maximum, then neither will the horse. Further, the muscle that is not working for you then will actively work against you. What began as a small issue, with continued stress, can become a significant injury. A muscle that cannot function properly because of this tightening will pull or tear. Massage will find these tightening muscles and work to restore them to full function. Regular massage will help to prevent the initial muscle tension.


Muscle soreness can be the result of injury, structural imbalance, over stretching or over use/misuse. Muscle problems are cumulative. If a problem exists in one area, the horse will have to compensate by tensing up and/or using other muscle to protect the injured muscle. Any number of secondary problems can then occur which will in turn compromise movement.


Other issues in the joints and feet may cause secondary muscle problems. If these problems are not addressed, they will remain a factor even after the other issues are resolved. Again, massage is beneficial throughout the healing process.


Regular massage can aid in the prevention of these issues. Once a problem exists, massage helps to break up the tight knots of adhering muscle fibers which restrict full muscle extension. Massage will find any damaged or potentially compromised area of muscle and restore it to improved function.



Equine Massage Therapy Rates


All massage services consist of a full body massage performed at your location.

Travel charges may apply.


Equine massage - $50.00

  • Approximately 60 - 90 minutes.


For a full list of fees and details, see our Rates page.



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