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Luke waiting for his frisbee to be thrown.

I'm waiting!

Today started with some play time in the yard followed by breakfast.

By midday Luke was ready for some more play so we spent most of our time playing frisbee in the yard.

I turned the TV on for some company until I returned in the evening.

This evening was much cooler and less humid so we lengthened our walk by about 50%.

Returning home, Luke cooled off lying on the kitchen tile while I prepared his dinner.

After dinner we retired to the living room where Luke laid down to get a little lovin’ and a light rub down.  Then it was TV off and Luke settled in for the night.

Luke carrying his frisbee around his face.

I love how Luke carries his frisbee.



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We had another good day.  Luke continues to impress me with his manners and spirit.

Luke looking for his frisbee

Now where is that frisbee?

While we were playing with the tennis ball, it bounced against the wood fence and went under the chain link fence.  I searched for it but it eluded me in the vegetation.  I replaced it with another tennis ball later today.  I think Luke was happy to have it back.

He had some HGTV for company during the afternoon and evening.

In the evening we walked the same route but in reverse.  Luke was very interested in a rabbit scampering through a yard.  We made it back home just as the rain began.

After a cool-down rest, Luke had dinner, another break, then it was tv off and bed time.



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Luke is such a good boy!  He is a pleasure to be with.

We had a nice walk around the neighborhood while it was dark.  We did about a two block square.

Returning home, we rested and cooled down for a while before dinner.  Luke is a very lovable guy.

One final visit to the back yard before I left.  And I prepared Luke’s kong with some treats too.

Luke resting after our walk

Luke resting after our walk.